Pilot Kneeboard Options

By | November 11, 2017

Whether you’re a VFR or an IFR pilot, you need access to a strong surface for inflight note taking, as well as quick reference to important information.  A kneeboard is what many pilots use to accomplish those things – and we consider it a pilot essential.  The value is well worth the reasonable cost.  Here are 3 different options that will serve most pilots well:

1. ASA KB-1 VFR Kneeboard.  This is a durable brushed aluminum kneeboard that has a permanent placard of important information.  Velcro straps to secure to your leg while sitting in the airplane.  ASA also makes an IFR version – the ASA KB-2.

2. Flyboys IFR/VFR Kneeboard.  Coming in multiple colors, this kneeboard is perfect for a pilot that wants his checklist, notepad and writing instruments close at hand.  If you’re an IFR pilot, this kneeboard has eyelets that correspond to Jeppesen approach plates and chart protectors.  At 9″ x 6.6″, this kneeboard is small enough to not get in the way and large enough to get the job done.

3. iPad Kneeboard Folio C.  There are several available kneeboards for tablets, but we like this one.  It is well conceived and accommodates almost any 9″-10″ tablet.  Leather sheathed, it can be used as a kneeboard or a lapboard.  As a kneeboard, it can be attached to either leg.  One of our favorite features is that the clipboard can be attached magnetically to either the front or the inside of the cover.  Finding a better – and more flexible – tablet kneeboard would be hard.

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