Pilot Bag – 5 Flight Bags That Look Great at Your FBO

By | November 11, 2017

The “right” pilot bag, or flight bag, is a personal preference, but at minimum,should have plenty of room for your gear, have good organization, be comfortable to carry, and look good.  These pilot bags all fit the bill and look great too:

1. Flight Gear HP Crosswind Bag.  With electric blue accents on an attractive black and light grey bag, the Flight Gear HP Crosswind Bag looks great.  Offered by Sporty’s, this duffle style bag has pockets for a padded headset and an iPad, and exterior pockets for your fuel tester and water bottle.  Great for student pilots and the weekend warrior.

2. The Lift Travel Bag.  The Flight Outfitters The Lift Travel Bag is the perfect bag for small spaces, but still carries your essential items.  Made out of durable nylon and having reinforced braided steel handles, this attractive bag has enough interior room for your primary and backup headsets.  A personal favorite for the bright orange accents and the small size.

3. Flight Bag PLC Pro.  If you need a larger flight bag that will carry headsets and a laptop or iPad, the Flight Bag PLC Pro by MYGOFLIGHT is probably it.  A top-loading bag that stands up on its own, it includes a backpack strap and a shoulder strap, as well as an ergonomic reinforced steel cable handle.  Organization is a strength of this flight bag – it has 3 compartments and 4 side pockets, along with interior mesh pockets with light colored lining. Many pilots absolutely love this bag – and the 3 year limited warranty.

4. FLEX B7 FLIGHT.  The B7 FLIGHT is the FLEX version of BrightLine Bags’ award-winning original Pilot Flight Bag, updated with end caps to allow even more flexibility.  Intended for VFR and light IFR pilots, this bag satisfies most pilot needs.  Offers 7 inches of interior storage in the two main compartments and more pockets than you can shake a stick at!  Expands with your needs as a pilot – for instance, the outside pocket for a handheld radio can hold a thermos mug until you need it for your gear.  BrightLine says that it’s actually 4 bags in one – you can upzip modules and create different sizes.

5. Cessna Vintage Stow Bag.  The Cessna Vintage Stow Bag from Red Canoe made this list because it’s the right amount of “cool”, just enough space for pilot essentials, and is different from anything else on the ramp.  Measuring 16.9″ x 13.8″ x 4.1″, this is a small bag, but has enough room for VFR pilot essentials.  Sturdy and attractive with a thick canvas material.

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