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Essential Gear for Student Pilots

When asking more experienced private pilots what they considered “essential” gear for a student pilot, the first answer I got was “refills for your checkbook”.  A bit old-fashioned,  maybe (a better answer today would be “a higher credit balance”), but to some degree still true. But there is still a need for some gear, even… Read More »

Pilot Logbook Options

Whether you’re a veteran pilot or just starting (or looking to start) flight school, you’ll need a pilot logbook to track your flight time and experience.  The logbook is an often overlooked accessory, but it’s something that you’ll be carrying with you for a long time.  You’ve got some great options, though, so check this… Read More »

Pilot Bag – 5 Flight Bags That Look Great at Your FBO

The “right” pilot bag, or flight bag, is a personal preference, but at minimum,should have plenty of room for your gear, have good organization, be comfortable to carry, and look good.  These pilot bags all fit the bill and look great too: 1. Flight Gear HP Crosswind Bag.  With electric blue accents on an attractive… Read More »

Pilot Kneeboard Options

Whether you’re a VFR or an IFR pilot, you need access to a strong surface for inflight note taking, as well as quick reference to important information.  A kneeboard is what many pilots use to accomplish those things – and we consider it a pilot essential.  The value is well worth the reasonable cost.  Here… Read More »

Best Sunglasses for Pilots

Not all “aviators” are the same!  Sunglasses – no matter the name – are important for pilots as they protect their most important sensory asset:  their sight.  According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), “a quality pair of sunglasses is essential in the cockpit environment”.  The right pair of sunglasses helps reduce eye fatigue, decreases… Read More »